Hello my little kittlings,

Have you ever stared at your work for so long, that seconds and pixels and syllables blurred into one homogeneous whole?  That your eyes began to flicker with the strain of drawing information from that messy sensorious soup?

You tried to calculate your height in kilograms and failed and tried again…

…particle systems and lines of code became one-and-the-same, and your third eye throbbed and thrashed and threw up with the horror of it all, so that all you were left with was an oil-spill of unwanted stimulus.  Datum, washed up on the shores of your consciousness, coated in that noo-slick and unrecognisable.

Time to step back from the screen, my kittling…
…now your eyes are truly flimmering.

Flimmering is the uncomfortable, jaw-clenching sensation that occurs when your eyes flicker uncontrollably and your head begins to spin as your vision tries to bleeds into itself, attaining an unhealthy glimmering vibration.

In its most proper use:

Are you okay, what the hell happened?
I just grabbed my things and stumbled out of the room, my eyes were flimmering so much I could hardly stand.

[*] Artwork is “Yellow Feather Trip” by ~Morwiwan, who recently Completed a Boardgame inspired by Jeff Noon’s Vurt… check it out and support him!