I wrestled with myself, regarding how this particular not-quite-blog should work, I really did.  After all, in our image-concerned, Google-hungry society, any word connected to your name is one ventured with sweaty palms.  Who knows what prospective employer might read about your idle fantasies, your thirsty secrets, your…


…then it occurred to me that I am never more miserable than when I have to edit my thoughts and ideas for general consumption.  Which means that, if I decided to write some sort of vanilla-flavoured public bulleting board, I might as well save myself the trouble and read someone else’s opinion.  They might have something to say.


So, what can you expect to read on this particular bundle of the suddenly diminishing [1] digital world?


  1. Quite a bit of Science!, I suspect, since fringe-technology is one of my vices.
  2. An awful lot of not-quite mystical rubbish, because I am nothing if not introspective.
  3. A grab-bag about Martial-Art and motion, which might hopefully inspire you to move. 
  4. …and so much more.
    The universe is huge and ridiculous [2], and there is just too much to see.
If you don’t mind, we’ll iron-out the details as we go along.  I don’t exactly have a plan or a publication schedule for this thing, most of my friends can tell you that nothing makes me run for the edge of a map like a well-planned route.  No doubt you will be dazzled by inexplicable twists and turns as I discover new exciting things to bother the world about… I do like new and exciting things.  I suspect you can also expect a higher-than-average volume of bile, I’m afraid, it’s my prime export.


And so, without further ado: