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Game Director

Paladin Studios

I currently work as a Game Director for Paladin Studios in Den Haag, The Netherlands.


[event date=”2015″ current=””]

Senior Game Designer

Goodgame Studios

I worked as a Senior Game Designer for Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, Germany.


[event date=”2014″ current=””]

Technical Game Designer

Bee Square SL

I worked as a Technical Game Designer for Bee Square SL in Barcelona, Spain.


[event date=”2013″ current=””]

Lead Game Developer

the Good Evil GmbH

I worked as the sole Game Developer for the Good Evil GmbH in Cologne, Germany.


[event date=”2013″ current=””]

Game / Level Designer

Arkalis Interactive

I worked as a Game- and Level Designer for Arkalis Interactive in Ordino, Andorra.


[event date=”2013″ current=””]

Lead Game Developer

Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

I worked as a Lead Game Developer for Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, Germany.


[event date=”2011″ current=””]

Strategic Contract Manager

HEICO Aerospace Ltd

Once upon a time, I was a strategic contract negotiator for HEICO Aerospace in Hamburg, Germany.



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Game Design


I studied Game Design and Development at the Vancouver Film School.


[event date=”2005″ current=””]

Politics, Economics & Sociology of the Middle East


I graduated with a degree in Politics, Economics and Sociology of the Middle East (with a side-order of Arabic and ancient Babylonian) from Durham University.




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[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”C#” percent=”80″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”PROTOYPING” percent=”60″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”UNREAL” percent=”50″]

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[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”MONETIZATION” percent=”70″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”PROTOTYPING” percent=”60″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”DOCUMENTATION” percent=”60″]

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It’s very rare to find people that are as passionate about their jobs as Renaud. His deep interest for game design and everything even remotely related to it pushes him to constantly explore new ideas and new technologies. He is a great team player and his vision allows him to deliver results that exceed expectations. Still, I believe Renaud’s greatest strengths are his creativity and storytelling. I am convinced that we haven’t heard the last of him and that in the future he will be developing several of his personal game concepts. When that happens I would love be the first in line to play them.
Working with Renaud was a fantastic experience. He is a highly passionate and creative designer and a positive thinker who brings motivation to the team. Renaud is a versatile designer with strong knowledges of designing and a variety of programming languages, making a great addition to any team. It was a really pleasure work with him and I would like to repeat the experience. Having Renaud in your team will give it a great valuable.

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