Renaud van Strydonck

Renaud van Strydonck

Game Designer & Product Manager

Crumbs Are Also Bread

I have a nasty habit of biting off more than I can chew when I write these things, and then they end up as long-suffering drafts, gathering dust in the corners of my server until eventually they’re too faded to make any real sense any more. There’s a whole article about the similarities between the… Continue reading

Working with iTween Paths

When we first conceived of Take My Hand, we envisioned a 2D Parkour Platformer in which players could take different routes through a city : a sort of open-world 2D parkour platformer. You would be running and jumping and catching and launching each other along the buildings of a street until you came to an… Continue reading

Unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking…

I wrestled with myself, regarding how this particular not-quite-blog should work, I really did.  After all, in our image-concerned, Google-hungry society, any word connected to your name is one ventured with sweaty palms.  Who knows what prospective employer might read about your idle fantasies, your thirsty secrets, your…   …then it occurred to me that I am never more… Continue reading