Renaud van Strydonck

Renaud van Strydonck

Portrait of a Game [ Designer / Developer ]

The Garden of Forking Paths

If anything, I am probably an ideator… [1] …which is really just a kind way of admitting that I rarely complete anything I set out to accomplish.   You see it in this orphaned blog, just as you would see it in the reams of sketches, references and notes which litter every surface of my bedroom…. Continue reading

This is Red Fox Country

Some days are like Cold War spy thrillers. You find yourself peeking down corridors out of the corners of your eyes. Every habits seems like dangerous patterns, a weakness for banality to exploit. Constellations of predictable coordinates grid-line your everyday life, and you try to second-guess the enemy: setting your alarm an hour early; turning left… Continue reading

Unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking…

I wrestled with myself, regarding how this particular not-quite-blog should work, I really did.  After all, in our image-concerned, Google-hungry society, any word connected to your name is one ventured with sweaty palms.  Who knows what prospective employer might read about your idle fantasies, your thirsty secrets, your…   …then it occurred to me that I am never more… Continue reading