Renaud van Strydonck

Renaud van Strydonck

Portrait of a Game [ Designer / Developer ]

Vertices, Pixels and Shaders(Oh, My!)

So, ironically, the move from Programmer to Game Designer has afforded me the opportunity to write an awful lot more Shaders… I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either… Just to be clear, it hasn’t afforded me any more time to write Shaders (quite the contrary, in fact) but I’m grateful none the less, because… Continue reading

We have a Web Build!

And here it is : Just click on the banner to load the game. The game is really designed to be played with two USB XBox Controllers, but I’ve hashed together a Keyboard Layout for you internauts to lead these hapless wanderers through the city: Both Players : M to Hold Hands / Catch etc…. Continue reading

Working with iTween Paths

When we first conceived of Take My Hand, we envisioned a 2D Parkour Platformer in which players could take different routes through a city : a sort of open-world 2D parkour platformer. You would be running and jumping and catching and launching each other along the buildings of a street until you came to an… Continue reading

Take My Hand

Imagine, for a moment… We’re sitting together on a bench, on a bridge overlooking the river mouth.  The sun is rising or setting across the horizon, painting watercolours in the sky.  You open your mouth, as if to say something, and you take my hand. And it isn’t until then, until that moment that you… Continue reading

Who made your Alphabet?

“If thought is like the keyboard of a piano, divided into so many notes, or like the alphabet is arranged in twenty-six letters all in order, then Mr. Ramsay’s splendid mind had no sort of difficulty in running over those letters one by one, until it had reached, say, the letter Q.  He reached Q…. Continue reading

the Vorpal Code

“He took his vorpal sword in hand […] One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.” – Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky [1] So… when I sat down to write this entry about our programming lessons, the title popped straight into… Continue reading