Renaud van Strydonck

Renaud van Strydonck

Portrait of a Game [ Designer / Developer ]

Word of the Day: Pampelmousse

Hello my little kittlings,   Some knowledge requires prior initiation, some concepts are simply too complicated to illustrate in soundbyte chunks of processable conversation.  Whenever you begin to explain an idea, and opinion, a fact, only to realise that it is really just a little bit more complicated to elaborate than it will be satisfying… Continue reading

The Garden of Forking Paths

If anything, I am probably an ideator… [1] …which is really just a kind way of admitting that I rarely complete anything I set out to accomplish.   You see it in this orphaned blog, just as you would see it in the reams of sketches, references and notes which litter every surface of my bedroom…. Continue reading